Aaron Jones keeps passion for rugby while playing soccer

When Aaron Jones entered high school, he was at a crossroads.

His high school did not have a soccer team. He was already at Ipswich Town Academy, but there wasn’t an opportunity to gain additional minutes. So, he had a choice; play a different sport, or focus all of his athletic attention to Ipswich Town.

While he was still training with Ipswich Town, Jones also chose to play rugby.

“I picked up rugby when I was in high school,” Jones said. “I had never really played it too much before, I had always been into soccer. My school didn’t play soccer at all, which was quite strange in England. But I picked it up, started playing as a fly-half and absolutely loved it.”

Jones played as a fly-half for four years, from Year 7 to Year 11. The fly-half which is one of the most important players on the pitch in rugby, and for good reason. A fly-half must have great vision and quick critical thinking skills. They must be quick on their feet, both in speed and agility, and be able to dodge and absorb contact. And perhaps the most important aspect of a fly-back is they must have expert kicking skills.

It’s easy to see why Jones took to the position.

“I realized I was actually pretty good at it,” Jones said. “As a fly-half, a No. 10, you end up kicking a lot of points. Conversions, trying to kick for touch and get in good field position for your team, so that was pretty much my duty for the team. I always took set pieces. I didn’t realize there was quite a bit of tactics involved. Different players you can throw in. It’s a thinker’s game, it’s not just brute strength and just beat each other up. I really ended up enjoying it as a fly-half.”

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